Personal Devotion for December 27,2010

December 27, 2010
Today has been a very non-eventful day Lord. Thanks for that. I needed the rest.
James 1:22
Thankful For:
A safe trip to South Carolina. My time with my family and friends. My health. God taking care of all of my needs.
I’m in better hands now by Natalie Grant
Father I pray you will continue to watch over me. I pray you will continue to touch my body with your healing hands. My body is so ill. At times it becomes overwhelming, but I know I must remember You are in control. I pray You will strengthen my desires to continue in Your Holy will and desires for my life. Please consume me with Your work Lord. I pray Father that You will continue to prick the hearts of my unsaved loved ones. Please use me as a tool for Your work. I know I have not been as dedicated as I should to my prayer life. I confess and repent of that Father. Keep me strong in Your Word and Desires. I pray so deeply for all the illness of the loved ones that surround me. Please allow Your healing heart and hands be so apparent in all of our lives.


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